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We are Rajat Biotech single entrepreneur in all over India which are certified from D.B.T. government of India for apple root stock . A certain brain drain has been happening in Himachal for years with the youth generally feeling that there are not many opportunities to pursue a career here, but there are people like Vinod Soni who, from time to time, have set examples defying this defeatist attitude.

Rajat Nishant Biotech also produce a latest variety of Apple for the Hot Regions of North India.

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What is Tissue Culture ?

Rajat BIOTECH, Tissue culture is a process that involves exposing plant tissue to a specific regimen of nutrients, hormones, and light under sterile, in vitro conditions to produce many new plants, each a clone of the original mother plant, over a very short period of time. Rajat Biotech's tissue culture plants are characterised by disease free growth, a more fibrous, healthier root system, a bushier branching habit, and a higher survival rate.

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