Apple Plants Nursery in Himachal Pradesh, India

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Apple Plants Nursery in Himachal Pradesh, India

Apple plants nursery in plants

There are numbers of Plant Nurseries in the whole world. But some are most popular, Rajat Biotech also include in this category. And it also produces a latest variety of Apple for the Hot Regions of North India.

Rajat Biotech is best plant Nursery is situated in Himachal Pradesh Address is Village Padyalag, Post office Dadhol, Teh. Ghumarwin, Distt. Bilaspur (HP). We are propagating the new disease resistant apple rootstocks organically and also establishing apple orchard completely on rootstocks. We established this nursery in 2003.

Apple is the king of all fruits. Apple plant is one of the most famous plants, type of fruit plant, which belongs from family of “Rosaceae” and scientific name of this plant is “Malus domestica”. Fruit of this plant is called apple and it is green colored in fresh condition and red colored in full-grown condition. Its body is yellowish in color and it has two seeds in brown colored in the middle of body. It has very thin green or red colored outer layer over the body. Apple is using as tasty fruit and use for making juice, which is used as drink.
The fruit was come from in the central eastern just about 4000 years ago. It is one of the most favorite and famous fruits. An apple a day keeps a doctor away the fruit has been doing much good to people who are health aware.

Apple plant is a sunlight loving plant, which needs full of sunlight and this plant can accept all type of soil. Sandyloam soil is desirable for this plant and it must be need well drained soil. Because of residing water can damage this plants growth. It grows in last of winter and early of Spring, in this growing time, it needs germinating and watering regularly and properly. In drought time it must be need watering, but careful about the hole in soil. It must not be any hole in the soil for protect this plant.

Our rootstocks and trees are assured to be healthy. If you have any enquiry or questioning, please call us 70180-39923 anytime or write at It is my suggest to plan your orchard in advance. During to increasing the demand of actual variety on particular rootstock, it is wise for growers to set up their planting plans and place your orders one year in advance of setting new orchards.


  1. Sobby says:

    How much for apple tree

  2. Kuldeep kanwar says:

    Where can I buy root stock plant of m9 111 117 please guide me.

  3. Vinod says:

    I have need 1000 plant

  4. Jitender says:

    Kindly tell me at A hieight of 1550mtr which rootstock can be planted and what is the cost of rootstock and and grafted plants

  5. Vivek says:

    Which plants are suitable for fagu area climate

  6. jitendra singh parmar says:

    i want to buy more then 100 plants Apple ..pleze guide me..for uttrakhand

  7. Rakesh jamwal says:

    I want red chief plant for arki disstt Solan HP please tell me this plant shoot for this area and what is this cost. Thank you

  8. Prince says:

    Sir are these plants only for the hot area or can be planted in cold regions of himachal

  9. Kamal anwer says:

    Harmn99 milega kya

  10. Kheema Ram says:

    I want g210 g890 mm116 king root apple plant can you provide me please…


    I am from anantnag jandk wants root stock of m7 or m9. Plz tell me which would suit and what is the cost of one plant.

  12. Surrender Kumar gupta says:

    We require 400 apple plant to set up garden in noradhar distt Sirmore ( H P )
    Please quote minimum possible rate with delivery position and payment terms
    S K Gupta

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